Pilot "Sub Rosa" 

Mutated Tom Paris

Referenced in Episodes 13 "The Threshold" and  Episode 16 "Hall of Shame Showdown"

Now you can own Tom Paris  and become one of tens of people to enjoy this figurine commemorating one of the lowest moments of broadcast history.

Star Trek Corps of Engineers - Out of the cocoon

Referenced in Epidsode 7 "Up the Long Ladder" 

For those of you yearning for a continuation of the Bringloidi story.

Pilot Episode - "Sub Rosa" 

Pilot Episode - "Sub Rosa" 

Episode 1 - Sub Rosa (MISS Pilot)

Welcome to the pilot episode, everyone! That's right, we're giving you our first episode AFTER we gave you our second. Sound crazy? Not as crazy as "Sub Rosa", which was Episode 14 of Season 7 of The Next Generation.
NOTE: We call the show Memory Zeta in this episode, which was the original name for the podcast.